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June 2021 – Shincha from Kagoshima

The season of Shincha (新茶) has finally arrived! In front of tea shops, we raise the flags of Shincha to announce the arrival of the new green tea! For 2021, we selected a Shincha made in the region of Chiran (知覧) in the prefecture of Kagoshima (鹿児島県). Shincha, Okuchirancha In 2021 Kagoshima (鹿児島) became the top prefecture for the production of green tea in Japan, taking the spot of Shizuoka (静岡). The area of Chiran (知覧) in particular is famous
- June 2021 – Shincha from Kagoshima

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May 2021 - Tsuyuhikari Sencha from Gifu

We selected a Tsuyuhikari (つゆひかり) sencha this month, from the town of Shirakawa (白川町) in the prefecture of Gifu (岐阜県). There are two places called Shirakawa in Gifu, that should not be confused: the town of Shirakawa located next to the city of Mino (美濃市), and the village of Shirakawa (白川村), famous for its traditionally thatched houses. Tsuyuhikari plantation in the town of Shirakawa (白川町) Tsuyuhikari Sencha Tsuyuhikari (つゆひかり) literally means "dew light". The appellation is that of a recently
- May 2021 - Tsuyuhikari Sencha from Gifu

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January 2021 – Murakamicha from Niigata

Happy new year 2021! We will present you Japanese teas for 2021 just like for 2020. To begin with, we selected a Murakamicha (村上茶) from the city of Murakami (村上), in the prefecture of Niigata (新潟). Murakamicha This is the second time that we present you Murakamicha (村上茶). This green tea, classified as a Sencha (煎茶), is the northernmost green tea produced in Japan. That is to say it is the Japanese green tea produced in the coldest climate. Murakami
- January 2021 – Murakamicha from Niigata

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August 2020 - Sencha from Miyazaki

After a long break of three months, we started to send teas again, albeit only towards a few countries. To restart our operations, we went back to basics, with a sencha (煎茶) from Miyazaki (宮崎), on the island of Kyūshū (九州). Sencha from Miyazaki Among all Japanese green teas, sencha is what most people think about when they think of "green tea". It is by far the most popular tea in Japan, representing 80% of the national green tea production.
- August 2020 - Sencha from Miyazaki

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March 2020 – Yabakeicha from Ōita

This month we selected a Yabakeicha (耶馬渓茶), a kind of Sencha (煎茶), from the region of Yabakei (耶馬渓) in Ōita prefecture (大分). Yabakei, Ōita (UE-PON2600 – CC BY-SA 3.0) Sencha of Yabakei What I like about Tomotcha is that I can travel throughout Japan, while staying at home. This time we go South, all the way to the prefecture of Ōita in Kyūshū. Ōita is very famous for thermal stations, called onsen (温泉). Ōita is number one in Japan for
- March 2020 – Yabakeicha from Ōita

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