Japanese Tea in your mailbox every month.
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How does it work?

1. We pick a tea

Each month our team select a delicious and authentic Japanese tea.

2. We prepare instructions

Each tea is steeped at a different temperature, for a different duration: we tell you all!

3. We ship it all from Japan

We mail you from Japan the tea with the instructions.

4. You drink it all


Our 40 previous shipments, since 2015 Subscribe
Shimanto Hōjicha from Kōchi
Literally roasted tea, it is first of all produced as a traditional green tea, then remade. Hand-harvested on Shikoku (四国) island, this tea has a pleasant roasted scent and a fr... read more
Sakura Ryokucha from Kawane
Green tea, Shizu-7132 cultivar. Produced in small quantities, this tea earned its name from its taste, similar to that of sakuramochi (桜餅), a dessert made of mochi covered by a ... read more
Tamaryokucha from Ureshino
Let's head South to the island of Kyūshū (九州) for this organic green tea. Its coiled leaves give it a dark color, sign of high quality. Its taste is very soft, slightly iodized ... read more
Kabusecha from Suizawa
In Japanese kabuseru means to cover. As implied by its name, this tea from the prefecture of Mie (三重) is a kind of Sencha (煎茶) grown in the shade for the last two to three weeks... read more
Obukucha from Uji
It is traditional in Japan to drink this tea for New Year. Literally called good fortune tea, it is made out of Genmaicha (玄米茶) from Uji (宇治), and brings together the delicate t... read more
Since February 2015

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How much tea will I get every month?

We send just one kind of tea every month, because finding an interesting tea takes up a lot of time, and the concept of tomotcha is to discover a new tea every month! Because of that the actual amount of tea can vary somewhat from one month to another, especially for highly premium teas (like Gyokuro or Shincha).

We usually ship between 40 and 60 grams of tealeaves with all our plans, which should be enough for about 35 to 50 tea cups of 50ml (1.7oz).

50g of Genmaicha

Made with love, in Osaka, New York and Paris


I live in Osaka and I love green tea. As you can guess my role is to try and select the best teas.

My friends often help me with the tasting part... I hope you will enjoy our teas as much as we do!


Former French expat in Osaka, and new French expat living in New York City. My favorite tea is Karigane, quite hard to come by in Big Apple...

When we launched Tomotcha my role was to pick the best teas and ship them to you. Now I'm mostly drinking it, while taking care of Tomotcha's customers!


From my travels to Japan, I brought back a taste for green tea.

However I was struggling to find some authentic products in France. Fortunately an expat friend was there to send me my monthly fix: I guess this is how Tomotcha got started.

My role is to find new tea lovers and manage our small community.


Big fan of tea, I joined the team lately to share my enthusiasm of Japanese tea culture on social networks.

I also use my photography skills to shoot the best pictures of our teas.