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March 2022 – Oolong from Kumamoto

This month we selected an Oolongcha (烏龍茶) “made in Japan”, elaborated in the district of Kuma (球磨) in the Kumamoto prefecture (熊本). Oolong or Oolongcha We aimed at an Oolong made exclusively in Japan. Oolong is a half-oxidized tea, that you may know as a Chinese tea. And indeed it is usually “made in China“ or “made in Taiwan”. In Chinese, Oolongcha (烏龍茶) means a tea (茶) having a black color like a raven (烏), and curled like a dragon
- March 2022 – Oolong from Kumamoto

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New-Year 2022 – Onocha from Yamaguchi

For the end of the year, we selected an Onocha (小野茶), from the district of Ono (小野), in the prefecture of Yamaguchi (山口). This tea was initially supposed to be our December 2021 selection. But because of this never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, we had to reorganize our delivery pipeline, temporarily shipping out of France. Accumulating delays, December 2021 eventually became January 2022, so we ended up doing a single shipment for both months! Onocha from Ono The prefecture of Yamaguchi is
- New-Year 2022 – Onocha from Yamaguchi

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November 2021 – Genmaicha from Shizuoka

This month we selected a Genmaicha (玄米茶) from the city of Shimada (島田市), in the prefecture of Shizuoka (静岡県). Genmaicha We already introduced you many Genmaicha since the creation of Tomotcha. Genmaicha is a blend of green tea, roasted brown rice, and grains of white rice exploded just like popcorn. Genmaicha doesn’t have a long history: it was invented around 1930 in Kyoto, when a tea merchant had the idea of mixing crumbs of rice cake with tea, after
- November 2021 – Genmaicha from Shizuoka

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September 2021 – Yuzu Ryokucha from Kyūshū

We selected a Yuzu Ryokucha (ゆず緑茶), a tea exclusively produced in the region of Ureshino (嬉野), in the prefecture of Saga (佐賀), with Yuzu (柚子 or ゆず) peels from Kyūshū (九州). Ureshino (by Soejimaen) Yuzu Ryokucha In my opinion, the tea that is loved by Tomotcha staffs must be Yuzu Ryokucha (ゆず緑茶). But it is not easy to find a good Yuzu Ryokucha at a reasonable price. This time we found one 100% made in Kyūshū, the southernmost of the
- September 2021 – Yuzu Ryokucha from Kyūshū

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July 2021 – Shincha from Tsukigase

Here’s our second Shincha (新茶) of the year! It is funny, but we selected the very same Shincha, exactly 5 years ago: a Kabusecha from Tsukigase (月ヶ瀬) in the prefecture of Nara (奈良). Photo provided by Tsukigase Organic Tea Farm (月ヶ瀬健康茶園) Shincha, Kabusecha According to the report from the tea producer, Tsukigase Organic Tea Farm (月ヶ瀬健康茶園), spring came earlier this year, and there were some heavy frost in the beginning of April. Their first harvest of Kabusecha (冠茶) took
- July 2021 – Shincha from Tsukigase

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