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September 2018 – Genmaicha from Japan

This month we are doing a tour of Japan! We selected a Genmaicha (玄米茶) with ingredients picked from all over Japan: green teas grown in the prefectures of Mie (三重) and Shizuoka (静岡), brown rice grown in the prefecture of Yamagata (山形), matcha refined in Uji (宇治) and black soybeans from… somewhere in Japan! Genmaicha Genmaicha simply means “brown rice tea”, and is usually made by mixing green tea and roasted brown rice. Roasted brown rice takes the shape of
- September 2018 – Genmaicha from Japan

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April 2018 – Sakura Ryokucha from Shizuoka

We selected a Sakura Ryokucha (桜緑茶) from Kawane (川根), in the prefecture of Shizuoka (静岡). Sakura Ryokucha Sakura Ryokucha (桜緑茶) is a green tea with a flavor of Sakura (桜), that is to say of cherry blossom beloved by all Japanese people. It does not contain any artificial ingredient, or even Sakura: the scent comes from the tea variety itself, called "Shizu 7132 (静7132)". It looks like a robot name, however, it is
- April 2018 – Sakura Ryokucha from Shizuoka

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June 2017 – Shincha from Shizuoka

This is the second Shincha (新茶) of the year! It comes from the prefecture of Shizuoka (静岡). Shincha We selected another Shincha (新茶), from Shizuoka (静岡) this time. Shizuoka is very famous for green tea in Japan. The prefecture of Shizuoka instantly reminds us of green tea, and of Mount Fuji (富士山). The producer for this tea is Mikasaen located in the city of Kakegawa (掛川), located in the south of Shizuoka. We call the tea for this region Kakegawacha
- June 2017 – Shincha from Shizuoka

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February 2016 – Honyamacha from Shizuoka

This month we selected a Honyamacha (本山茶) from Shizuoka (静岡), in the prefecture of Shizuoka (静岡). Honyamacha We finally introduce you a green tea from Shizuoka. Half of Japanese green teas are produced there. The name of Shizuoka evokes us green tea immediately. The temperate climate and sunshine hours make for very good teas. There are many different tea brands in Shizuoka, named according to the districts, not unlike Bordeaux or Burgundy wines. Honyamacha (本山茶) is considered the original green
- February 2016 – Honyamacha from Shizuoka

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