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February 2019 – Gyokuro from Hoshino

Thank you for your patience! Finally, we are sending you Gyokuro again. This month we selected a Gyokuro (玉露) from the village of Hoshino (星野村), in the district of Yame (八女), in the prefecture of Fukuoka (福岡). Gyokuro It is said that Gyokuro is the king of Japanese green teas. Gyokuro is often translated as “jade dew” as its color reminds that of jade. For the elaboration of Gyokuro, you can see our blogpost from September 2015. I compare Gyokuro
- February 2019 – Gyokuro from Hoshino

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September 2015 - Gyokuro from Yame

For the September shipment we have selected the highest grade tea of Japan -Gyokuro- from its greatest appellation: the city of Yame located in the Fukuoka prefecture. Gyokuro Gyokuro (玉露) is a type of Sencha (煎茶). It has a round and sweet taste with a brilliant green color, similar to jade. Hence the name "Gyokuro", which means literally "dew of jade". Gyokuro is considered a luxury tea in Japan, so Japanese don’t drink it as an everyday tea, but
- September 2015 - Gyokuro from Yame

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