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March 2020 – Yabakeicha from Ōita

This month we selected a Yabakeicha (耶馬渓茶), a kind of Sencha (煎茶), from the region of Yabakei (耶馬渓) in Ōita prefecture (大分). Yabakei, Ōita (UE-PON2600 – CC BY-SA 3.0) Sencha of Yabakei What I like about Tomotcha is that I can travel throughout Japan, while staying at home. This time we go South, all the way to the prefecture of Ōita in Kyūshū. Ōita is very famous for thermal stations, called onsen (温泉). Ōita is number one in Japan for
- March 2020 – Yabakeicha from Ōita

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