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March 2019 – Hōjibancha from Tsukigase

This month we selected a Hōjibancha (ほうじ番茶) from Tsukigase (月ヶ瀬) in the prefecture of Nara (奈良). It a light and soft smoked tea, recommended to everybody! Organic Hōjibancha The name of Hōjibancha (ほうじ番茶) is a portmanteau formed from Hōjicha (ほうじ茶) and Bancha (番茶). Its processing is done according to that of Bancha, followed by that of Hōjicha. First of all, we make Bancha. It is a kind of sencha from a late harvest. Owing to the sunshine over the summer,
- March 2019 – Hōjibancha from Tsukigase

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July 2016 – Shincha from Nara

Following the Shincha from Kumamoto (熊本), we selected another Shincha (新茶) from Tsukigase (月ヶ瀬), in the prefecture of Nara (奈良). Shincha, Kabusecha In the ancient times, we considered tea to be a medicine. People drank the leaves in summer, the fruits in autumn, the roots in winter and the burgeons in spring. Drinking the burgeons of tea of tea in the time of Shincha is said to be good for spending one year in good health. Now we advise all
- July 2016 – Shincha from Nara

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