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October 2020 – Yuzu-Ryokucha

Finally the colors of the autumn are spreading throughout Japan. We selected a Yuzu-Ryokucha (ゆず緑茶), a green tea in Shizuoka (静岡) mixed yuzu chips in Tokushima (徳島) this month. Yuzu-Ryokucha Yuzu-Ryokucha (ゆず緑茶) is a green tea flavored with chips of dried yuzu. We use green tea from the region called Kakegawa (掛川) of Shizuoka and steam them by means of "Fukamushi (深蒸し)", that is to say by steaming tea leaves for twice as long as a classic Sencha (煎茶). This
- October 2020 – Yuzu-Ryokucha

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April 2020 – Kancha from Tokushima

Hello everyone, how are you? We hope you are doing well in spite of the threat of coronavirus. Stay home, drink tea and push the coronavirus out! We selected a Kancha (寒茶) this month, from Shishikui (宍喰), a small village in the prefecture of Tokushima (徳島). Kancha Kancha (寒茶) literally means cold tea (but not chilled tea, note the subtle difference). It is called that way because it is harvested in winter, between the middle of January and the middle
- April 2020 – Kancha from Tokushima

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November 2018 – Yuzu Sencha from Uji and Tokushima

This month we selected a Yuzu Sencha (柚子煎茶). This is not exactly what I would call an authentic green tea, however it's a nice green tea mixed with yuzu zest. Yuzu Sencha Yuzu (柚子) is a citrus fruit. Japan is the number one country for the production and consumption of yuzu in the world. In general, we don’t eat yuzu as-is, because it is too bitter and sour. However, it does have a very pleasant aroma. Therefore, we make
- November 2018 – Yuzu Sencha from Uji and Tokushima

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