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December 2016 - Irokawacha from Wakayama

We selected a Kamairicha (釜入り茶) from Irokawa (色川), in the region of Nachikatsuura (那智勝浦) in the prefecture of Wakayama (和歌山). Kamairicha, Irokawacha The district of Irokawa (色川) in Nachikatsuura (那智勝浦) is located on the slopes with a southern exposure of the Kii mountain range (紀伊山地). The difference of temperature between day and night is intense, and dew covers the tea trees in both mornings and evenings in this region. This mountain climate brings ideal conditions to cultivate tea and the
- December 2016 - Irokawacha from Wakayama

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