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November 2016 - Asamiyacha from Shiga

This month we selected a kind of Sencha (煎茶): an Asamiyacha (朝宮茶), from the region of Shigaraki (信楽) in the prefecture of Shiga (滋賀). Sencha, Asamiya-cha Asamiyacha (朝宮茶) is one of the 5 best green teas in Japan, after Uji (宇治), Shizuoka (静岡) and Sayama (狭山). The tea plantation is located at an altitude between 400 and 500 meters (1300 to 1600 feet), between the prefectures of Kyoto and Shiga. The climate is pecular: days can be be very warm
- November 2016 - Asamiyacha from Shiga

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